Submitted by Motorsports Website
Blonde posing in front of a 2nd gen coupe.


Submitted by Alfred Tom
A modified picture of Jason Lee's 1994 coupe to conceptualize Alfred's own Sherwood Green 1993 L coupe, The Sheriff. This is what the Sheriff would look like with upgrades of a custom body kit, fender chrome trim, clear corners, Koni shocks, Eibach springs, 17" Neeper Neptunes chrome wheels, and custom dual exhaust.

Submitted by Yuri Namkoong
What Vivian would like look as a coupe.

Submitted by Yuri Namkoong
Andrew Gibbons' White 1991 sedan with 17" Funza ZF-5 chrome wheels.


Submitted by Alexei Voloshin
Alexei caught taking corners on his Dark Blue 1988 sedan at break-neck speeds.

Submitted by Tyson Hugie
Tyson seen hunting through the jungles with his 1993 sedan.


Submitted by Tamgiao Nguyen
A real ad for the mythical turbo Legend.

Submitted by Tamgiao Nguyen
Another ad to prove the turbo Legend's existance.


Submitted by Kevin Klugman
Kevin's 1991's sedan after his accident.


Submitted by Dan and Carol Ann Whalen
Legends in the fall.