My First Car
The first car I ever purchased on my own was a pre-owned black 1989 Acura Legend L coupe. Still in college and only having a part time job, this was a big purchase for a person of my means. So the decision surprised a lot of people, because they expected something cheaper and more economic for a college plebe like me. I had to endure sneers when people thought I was a spoiled punk with the car being a gift from my parents. Because no kid in his right mind (at that time) would go out and buy a luxury car. Sure, 95% of the teen and young adult population had compacts like Civics and Accords. Me? I had a taste for the finer things in life. I wanted more. The Acura Legend quenched that thirst quite nicely. Of course it had to be a dark color, preferably black, to give it an aura of mystery and sophistication.

After a few weeks of shopping around, I finally found a black 1989 Acura Legend L coupe from a private owner. It was an absolute beauty! Shrouded with the most reflective shade of black paint available to accent its graceful and elegant lines. It turned heads even in stock form. And even though it looked very new for an '89 model year, it had 73,000 miles on it. So after getting an auto loan from satan ... err ... I mean the bank, I negotiated a price with the owner and drove it home the next day.

My first act of customizing this car was to give it a name. I figured it wouldn't cost me anything, and hardly anyone else was calling their Legends by name. So I christianed the car Maria, after an old girlfriend. And so begins the adventure. It wasn't until a year had passed before I started any modifications on Maria.

It's About Time
Poor Maria. I would drive like a mad-man around town and the poor girl could hardly keep up. So I figured it was about time I upgraded Maria to complement my driving style. This was along the same time as import car customizing was starting to become popular, and magazines like Sport Compact Car began to appear. Picking up a few issues, I found out performance lowering springs would be my first step for better handling and performance.

The Modifications
I first started off with lowering springs and performance shocks. I also saved up for a nice set of 16" chrome wheels. This was quite a worthy investment. Now I got 3 times as many stares from on-lookers as before. The sparkle of the chrome wheels along with the sleek design of the Legend really catches their eye. Along with performance and aesthetics, I customized the inside to the best I could afford with my mini budget.

End of an Era
Unfortunately the modifications ended there as I ended my relationship with Maria. Somehow my taste in luxury grew to a point where I just needed something more stylish and elegant. I can definately say that I cannot love any other car more than Maria. The 1st generation Legends are a great design, having grace and elegance that outmatched all its competitors at the time. But its sharp edges are more for a sporty look. For a more luxury look, it needed smooth, round edges. Acura saw this trend too and thus came out with the 2nd generation Legends. But alas, that's Vivian's story .....