Legends. They certainly are a species all their own, and each one seems to have its own personality and characteristic. You could modify and change the appearance of the car all you want, but there's no better way to customize your Legend and make it truly unique then by effectionately giving it a name.

Names tend to hint at a Legend's gender (male, female, or neutral), suggest an adjective that defines it a bit more, or just simply something personal that only the owner knows. So with that, Jim Trinh of Legend.Org is proud to present this page of the first and only official registered Legend car names. The list is a bit massive, so check out the latest submissions of Legend names if you'd like to see what's new.

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AC 1993 Champagne sedan By Ty Murray
Airborne 1991 Rosewood Brown sedan By Manuel Velasquez
Ajsdream 1992 Artic White coupe By Albert Santoscoy
Aldo 1994 Midnight Blue sedan By John Pilarz
Alexia 1989 White coupe By Tam Dang
Allison 1994 Red coupe By Andrew Do
Altare 1992 White coupe By Joe Reyes
Angel 1993 White sedan By Shipper Alim
April 1994 Cashmere coupe By Stefan Allen
Athena 1993 Canterbury Green coupe By Tom Truong
Austin 1993 White sedan By Chryl Randall
Baby 1990 Pearl White coupe By Eric Schultz
Batmobile 2000 1992 Black sedan By Carol Ann Walen
BB 1993 Black sedan By Steve Sim
Beba 1991 White coupe By Cynthia Bonincontri
Beast 1995 Black sedan By Ralf Loserth
Big Blades 1988 Maroon sedan By Michael John Clever
Big in Japan 1991 Pearl White sedan By Houman Alaeddini
BigSexy 1991 White coupe By Brian Basileo
Black Beauty 1994 Black coupe By Ami Verred
Black Dragon II 1991 Black sedan By Dennis Lee
Black Pearl 1994 Black sedan By Alan Chu
Blin 1991 Gold coupe By Eric Wong
Blue Beauty 1992 Cobalt Blue sedan By Khalid Wahab
Blue Thunder 1991 Pearl Candy Blue sedan By Danny Vu
Blue Xtacy 1988 Florence Blue coupe By James Skurla
Bomb, The 1994 Dark Green sedan By Didiek Pribadi
Bone 1991 Black coupe By Gordon Sun
Champaign 1994 Gold sedan By Raymond Hollis
Cinco 1991 Black coupe By Tony Jones
Civic Smoker 1990 Taupe sedan By Jeff Silva
Connie 1993 White coupe By Mark Miglietta
Craz Luvr 1991 Pearl White sedan By Trong Le
Crystal 1995 Cashmere sedan By Shalin Patel
Cyan 1991 Sunfire Red sedan By Francis Murigu
Dangerboat 1987 Charcoal sedan By Blake O'Brien
Denkiteki 1988 Charcoal Black coupe By Jonathan Gladden
Detriment 1994 Sherwood Green coupe By Spencer Jones
Dragon 1991 Rosewood Brown sedan By Doc Westin
Ecstasy Type II 1993 Canterbury Green coupe By Mark Miglietta
Eleni 1988 Black Cherry coupe By Jim Georgaras
Em Thu 1992 Cobalt Blue sedan By Jay Le
GatorMac 1994 Emerald Green sedan By Michael McPherson
Gaudy 1992 Dark Green coupe By Jad Apolinar
Godzilla 1990 Metallic Green coupe By Jacob
Goldie 1995 Champagne coupe By Jim Presley
Grinder 1988 Dark Grey sedan By Ray Bouknight
Heat 1992 Peal White sedan By Marcus
Iceberg T 2 6 1994 Iceberg White coupe By Everett Martin
Iceman 1993 Knight Black coupe By Christian Kingshott
Illmatic 1991 Black sedan By Jim Watkins
Island Legend 1995 Forest Green coupe By Chris Kam
Janet 1995 Dark Green coupe By Jacky Yu
Janie 1991 Champagne sedan By Matthew Hale
Jasmine 1995 Sherwood Green coupe By David Rarick
Johanna 1988 Champagne sedan By Keith Mal
Julia To be announced By Jim Trinh
Karen 1991 Red sedan By Jonathan T.
Kassandra 1995 Black sedan By Luis Abreu
Kemuri 1989 Black coupe By Joshua Field
La Reina 1993 Cashmere sedan By Roy Arriaga
Lady Di 1992 Cobalt Blue sedan By Voltaire Cacal
Lady Guinevere 1994 Sherwood Green By Jason Mello
Lady Platnum 1995 Candy Black Cherry sedan By Ann-Jeanette Vallente
Lady Platnum II 1992 Platnum Pearl White coupe By Ann-Jeanette Vallente
Lady Victoria 1992 Pearl White sedan By Michael Nguyen
Lana 1987 Silver coupe By Mike Musnug
Leatherball 1994 Powder White sedan By Justin Giardina
Legend R 1988 Silver coupe By Michael Cruz
Legend RS 1992 Black sedan By Vannaxay Thirakoune
Legend Type R 1991 Pearl White sedan By Dinh Nguyen
Legend Type RX 1988 Dark Blue sedan By Robert Mancarti
Legend VR 1988 Dark Blue sedan By Alexei Voloshin
Legend Xtreme 1994 Pearl White sedan By Patrick O'Krongly
Legendary One 1991 Taupe sedan By Kevin Klugman
Living Legend 1989 Charcoal sedan By Derek Butts
LSR 1988 Aqua Blue coupe By Alan Lam
Lola 1988 Midnight Blue coupe By Marcus Turnini
Lucy 1990 Persian Red coupe By Steve Sternberg
Lucky Legend 1988 Burgundy sedan By Dee Ye
Macksha 1995 Pearl White coupe By Sha
Magic 1992 Midnight Blue sedan By Michael Garcia
Magnet 1993 Red coupe By Wayne Tisler
Maria 1989 Midnight Black coupe By Jim Trinh
Mex Style 1988 Burgundy coupe By Carlos Cervantes
Midnight Cruiser 1991 Midnight Blue coupe By Igor Svetnikov
Miller Time 1989 Red coupe By Jeremy Miller
Mister 1991 Rosewood Brown coupe By Tyrane Lewis
Motegi 1994 Charcoal sedan By Koji Honda
Mystery 1994 Black sedan By Robert Griffith
Mystic Dreamz 1988 Burgundy coupe By Johnny Nguyen
Need for Speed 1990 Bright Red coupe By Dawn Hubbard
Nemesis 1994 White coupe By Redd Escobar
Ocyris 1988 White coupe By Tina Purpura
Oz 1990 Melbourne Blue coupe By Mike Harper
Patriot 1991 Pearl White sedan By Ishan Avila
Patti 1986 Silver sedan By Kevin Kelly
PBNY 1991 Midnight Blue sedan By Eliot Harrison
Pearl 1990 Pearl White coupe By Wayne Carey
Phantom Legend 1993 Black coupe By Chris Kam
PimpMobile, The 1992 Seattle Silver coupe By John Pham
Poison Ivy 1992 Phantom Grey coupe By Jay Claytor
Precious 1994 Red coupe By Johnny Pitts
Red AC 1991 Rub Red coupe By B Young
Regend 1992 Black sedan By Ed Portillo
Rockwell 1988 Maroon sedan By Christopher Schmidt
Sabrina 1989 Red & Silver coupe By Samir Shirodkar
Sade 1994 Midnight Green coupe By Vinnie Pham
Saint, The 1992 White coupe By Suwipin Martono
Scarface 1991 Black coupe By Lawrence Leonard
Scarlet Fever 1995 Red coupe By Gerald Vanstory
Seal 1991 Frost White coupe By Jeffrey Gooden
Senna 1988 Black coupe By Alex Tahmazian
Shine 1989 Silver coupe By Masatoshi Okuno
Silver Bullet 1988 Silver sedan By Johnny Quach
Silver Legacy 1993 Silver coupe By Raymond Nguyen
Simba 1991 White sedan By Marcus Thompson
Snow Ride 1994 Fresh Snow White sedan By Peter Vogel
Spawn 1994 Black sedan By Matt Boyd
Speed Demon 1993 Black coupe By Tom Grupman
Superman 1993 Pearl White coupe By Kyung Choi
Susan 1993 Emerald Green sedan By Greg Grimes
Susss 1990 Pearl White coupe By Jose Castano
Svali 1993 Metallic Green coupe By Chao Wei-Chen
Sheriff, The 1994 Forest Green coupe By Alfred Tom
Tantrum 1995 Forest Green sedan By Roy Fields
Tiara 1995 White coupe By Sharl Hsu
Titanic 1992 Champagne sedan By Jeff Leong
Trinity 1991 Vineyard Grey sedan By Dave & Sue
Type II 1994 Taffeta White coupe By Chi Hoang
Type RS 1995 Red coupe By Mark Yuen
Tyra 1988 Black sedan By Latif Tayour
Urban Legend 1988 White sedan By Eric Lee
Vegmobile 1988 Blue coupe By Erick Yoon
Vivian 1991 Emerald Green sedan By Jim Trinh
Wraith, The 1989 Seattle Silver sedan By Joe Bryant
White Buffalo 1991 Pearl White coupe By Chris Connor
White Lightning 1991 Frost White sedan By Steven De Clario
Yvette 1992 Forest Green sedan By Ken Grohs
Zena 1994 Forest Green sedan By Diogenes Martinez