Welcome to the 1st Generation Owners' Gallery

In the words of the infamous Legend council member Michael Cruz, "Without the 1st generation, there would never be the 2nd generation." This is very true indeed, for in 1986 Honda started it all by breaking all the rules and barriers of the luxury market by introducing the Acura line in North America. With the Legend as the unwaivering flagship, Acura carved a comfortable niche for itself with unsurpassed quality and styling. As the saying goes, "Lead and others shall follow." And they did, with Toyota and Nissan introducing their own luxury line (Lexus and Infiniti respectively).

Even so, who knew the Legend would gain the popularity and following it would up to this day? The ownership experience was such an excellent one, it evoked a lot of enthusiasm. Enough so, to motivate me to start my own personal home page to showcase my 1989 Legend coupe, which eventually evolved into the Legend.Org that you see today. This gallery is dedicated to 1st generation owners who have proudly submitted photos of their Legend for all to see. If you're interested in posting your Legend up on the gallery, please contact me at jim.trinh@legend.org. Enjoy!

- Jim Trinh