Welcome to the 2nd Generation Owners' Gallery

No matter how good your first product was, your subsequent releases thereafter will most likely be an improvement over it. And Honda did just that with the release of the generation two release of the Legend in 1991. Bigger, faster, quieter. These are some adjectives rejoiced by owners who acquired the new generation (I was one of them).

Unfortunately the Legend spirit was lost with it's demise in 1996, probably the worst move possible by Honda headquarters (what monkeys are running that place?). Though still known as a Legend around the world except for North America (where it's known as the 3.5 RL), it could not capture the soul and passion the Legend did.

But enough rabblings, here are the 2nd generation owners who have submitted their Legends to showcase. If you're interested in posting your Legend up on the gallery, please contact me at jim.trinh@legend.org. Enjoy!

- Jim Trinh