Welcome Fellow Legend Enthusiasts
Greetings! Welcome to the Legend Owners & Enthusiasts web site. A site for the auto enthusiast within all of us. Even though this site is a dedicated resource for Legend owners, it is open to anyone who has an interest in Legends, discussions about them, or is thinking about purchasing one.

But first things first. If you bought (or will buy) the Legend because you thought it was or will be a practical and reliable choice, please identity yourself. Thank you. Security will escort you off this site and onto the Saturn Owners & Enthusiasts site, because we don't cater to that kind of sensibility here. For here, we consider the Legend a godsend, and we just love it to death!

For all you Legend owners out there that bought the Legend other than the reasons above, consider yourself an honored Legend brother or sister, for we share a unique bond few other car owners can understand. If you are not fortunate enough to own one, you're certainly missing out on a marvelous and unique ownership experience few things can surpass. But we welcome you and appreciate your interest in a very unique vehicle.

The first thing you must do, whether you own a Legend or not, is sign the Registry! This lets everyone know where you're coming from and how you feel about the Legend. Plus it sheds proof on the fact that there are actual visitors to this site and the dilusional webmaster, Jim Trinh, is not making everything up. You may also want to check out Jim's Legend in Vivian's Corner in case you're not certain if he even drives one.

This site is a forum for Legend owners everywhere to enjoy and exchange information. Some branches of the Legend Owners site include the Legend Performance Center or Legend Xtreme. If you have time, check out those sites as well. This website is still in the continual process of growth and developement, so there are some incomplete areas. But please check back every so often for changes and additions. One last thing, this place is rather large so please look around and explore for you're bound to find something interesting!