Have you ever rushed out to clean your Legend after the rains have fallen? Or been accused of neglecting friends, family, and loved ones because you paid too much attention to your Legend? Have you detailed, worked on, or just dedicated so much of your time to your car people think you're in some sort of automotive religious cult?

Well now it's official! This section is a dedicated religious sect is for all those who can't stand seeing their beloved Legend in any condition other than clean and pristine. Come and visit Legend owners, started and lead by head cult leader Jim Trinh, who worship their Legends to make sure it's at its best. Check out the list of newly initiated worshipers for quick reference.

Care to join our cult? If you think you worship the same dark master as we do, please use the sign-up form.

  Ahmad Hamzawi     1988 Dark Grey coupe  
You know, owning a Legend is a labor of love. I wonder if this would be considered polygamy?

  Alan Chu     1994 Black Sedan  
She's my lover!!!!!!

  Alan Lam     1988 Aqua Blue Metallic coupe  
Precision crafted performance, my Legend LSR.

  Albert Santoscoy Jr.     1992 Artic White coupe  
Just traded in my 1987 mint condition Pearl Blue, Targa top, Toyota Supraaaa!!! Bought a 1992 Legend LS Coupe and am I ever overjoyed!!! What an awesome car and I have only had it a few days. I can honestly say I do not miss the rear-wheel drive nor the crappy stock stereo. I definetely have a new baby now to pamper!!!

  Alexei Voloshin     1988 Dark Blue sedan  
What can I say? I love my Legend!

  Andrew Bartko     1990 White sedan  
Seeing dirt on my Legend drives me crazy. I wipe down the interior everyday when I get home. I was her once a week faithfully. The engine gets cleaned every three weeks. She will stay beautiful 'till I pass on!!

  Andrew Gibbons     1995 Cashmere sedan  
I recently discovered a newly developed skill when one day I could suddenly spot a small speck of dirt on my Legend from 50 feet away. I realized that I had inherited a highly honed skill of the Perfectionists.

  Ann-Jeanette Vallente     1995 Candy Black Cherry sedan  
Lady Platnum is my pride and joy. I'll take her for a ride and show her off while ridin 'low with my sounds bumpin' and my rims shinin'. Every month I'll give her a full detailing job all by myself because I don't trust my ride with anyone else. No one knows about my car inside and out like I do.

  C.J. Miller     1988 Silver sedan  
I'm a young 17 year old, and I'm here to save the Acura Legend from extinction! Because these new 96-99 so called Acura legends are sorry! They don't hold a candle to 1st Generation and 2nd Generation Acuras. The people at Acura better do somthing better that(or else I'm going to switch to Lexus and create a powerful Lexus.org web site).

  Darlene     1995 Golddust Black sedan  
The Beast is always immaculate. I have to park him in *MY* parking spot at the office, right outside my window, where I can admire him all day. I have scolded my boss for getting fingerprints on the door, and always carry something to wipe off fingerprints. I once yelled at our lawn crew because they got grass clippings on my beautiful Legend! Even complained to our landlord about it. They stay away from my car now. I am anal retentive about my car, and actually brag about that fact. =) A dear friend told me 'how could you NOT be a perfectionist?'

  David Rarick     1995 Sherwood Green coupe  
Wanted: One woman, attractive. Must understand that all of my spare time and money will be spent on another woman, my Legend. Fellow Legend owners preferred.

  Dawn Hubbard     1990 Bright Red coupe  
This week it rained a lot right after I had waxed and detailed "Need for Speed" well needless to say I was right back out there after the rain ceased! I have acquired many a soar muscle after getting in, under and around the car cleaning and perfecting! I believe its in the blood because my dad is even more of a perfectionist. He will remove his tires from his '97 Vette to clean behind them when he washes his baby. It aggravates me to no end to see a person who does not keep their Legend clean!!!! Hi to all those perfectionists out there!!!!!!!

  Dinh Nguyen     1991 Pearl White sedan  
My first car, 1986 Buick Century, was a piece of crap. Now driving a Legend feels so good. All the attention you get and all the girls want to cruise with you. I take so good care of it. Perfect leather, no scratches on the paint and only 58,000 miles. It has the five star stock wheels on it, but I'm thinking about getting some 17" Neepers and lowering it. I just want to say take care of your Legend, or I will!

  Doc Westin     1991 Rosewood Brown sedan  
I own every Meguiars product including the Concours collection, which includes their own custom Porter/Cable variable speed polisher, I own every Zymol product, and apply the Zymol wax, sometimes 3 or 4 times a month. Every surface of the car has been "clayed" with Meguiars clay bar system 5 times. People often comment that my car looks like it has 10,000 miles on it, not 94,000. And friends at work are surprised to see me drive the car to work on rainy days, which of course here in Seattle is frequent. I have an almost insane desire for perfect color refraction from all paint surfaces. It's that out of control!

  Eliot Harrison     1991 Midnight Blue sedan  
You know it's a perfect car when even after 2 years you are excited to drive it every time you step in.

  Everett Martin     1994 Iceberg White coupe  
Iceberge is Immaculate. He gets stronger day by day! He feeds by day and roams the night like a streak of white lightning. Whe I am in trouble he gets there on the double. My Iceberg ... thou hast no superior on this planet, only comtemporaries! I am not the perfectionist ... he is! Thou has not felt power til thou hast felt the wrath of a 6-speed leg.

  Gabe Sanchez     1994 Sherwood Green coupe  
I'm trying to save up for rims, but every week the coupe has to look good for when we go out. I must have spent over $500 on car washes and accessories ...

  Gerald VanStory     1995 Red coupe  
As my beloved Scarlet again caressed me with the softest of skins ... cradling me lovingly ... as she wiped away all stressors with a silken surge of over 230 hp .... as the unfortunate masses stared slack jawed at her sensual Scarlet form ... as men stared brazenly, utterly jealous, insanely envious that I am the object of her affection ... as women stared, unconsciously comparing their body to hers, and finding their own mortal forms lacking ... as I again braved the pouring rains with a bag of towels, wiping away each evil drop forsaking my own body and health, to keep her Scarlet body dry ... as I quickly and ever so gently polished her Scarlet form for the 8th time in as many days ... I realized my Scarlet is perfect, and frankly, if any would disagree ... I don't give a damn!!

  Gerrit van Wagenan     1990 Artic White sedan  
I love my Legend. Nuff said.

  Guido Gabrielle III     1994 sedan  
I'm 19, so there's no way I could have afforded this car on my own. My parents leased it about two years ago, and it became my mother's car. Needless to say, the car was not taken care of too well because it was the family car. Finally, this year, she got a MB ML430 and I inherited the Legend. Thank god! I detailed it, I baby it and I'm just starting some performance mods (wheels, tires, gts headlights, bumper signals, and license plate done so far). I love this car!

  Jason Findley     1993 Black sedan  
I almost bought a recliner for the garage so that I could just look at it in comfort!

  Jay Lee     1992 Cobalt Blue sedan  
I'm always getting complaints because I burn the midnight oil detailing my beautiful Legend.

  Jeffrey Gooden     1991 Frost White coupe  
I guess I never realized how much time I spent on the Legend.

  Jim Presley     1995 Champagne coupe  
I do love my car. Sometimes my wife thinks I love my Legend too much.

  Jim Trinh     1991 Emerald Green sedan  
Vivian is the true master in the relationship with my Legend. People think I'm crazy because my car is always clean and spotless. I scold many a passengers that have soiled my dark master with fingerprints or other smears. My philosophy is that the Legend is an extension of yourself. And you wouldn't be going out in a scruffy appearance would you? No. Vivian is in great condition and there is noting wrong with me keeping it that way. Why bother having a good looking car when it's not good looking when you drive around? Of course I've lost many girlfriends with the attention I give Vivian.

  John Olson     1988 Black coupe  
I know everyone on a first name basis at a carwash 25 minutes away. My car is washed and polished twice a week. Everyone looks on with jealousy as my legend passes through, always getting special attention from the crew.

  John Pham     1992 Mystic Pearl Blue sedan  
Without my Legend, there is no other ...

  Jonathan Norris     1988 White sedan  
I am a perfectionist because my Legend only gets the best. It gets vacuumed 4 times a week and washed 5 times a week. It gets it's oil changed every 2,000 miles. Need i tell you how perfect my Legend is?

  Ken Grohs     1992 Forest Green sedan  
Having any dust, dirt or water spots on your Legend is a crime that deserves the highest punishment! Owning a Legend implies a lifelong commitment to keeping up the most extreme appearance when driven in public. Especially difficult to do with a dark car like mine, but when shined out a dark car looks absolutely awesome and will yield the most "stares per mile". Isn't that what we should be striving for? Legend Pride!!!!!!

  Kevin Klugman     1991 Taupe sedan  
It's Legendary.

  Khalid Wahab     1992 Cobalt Blue sedan  
I love my baby more than life itself.

  Kirk Gordon     1991 Pearl White sedan  
Basically I clean the car at least 15 times per day. If I get in to drive to the store which is five minutes, I clean it as soon as I reach back home. My car is never dirty, I don't drive it in the rain unless the rain catches me on the road. My fiancee constantly complaints about my undying devotion to my car. I hate to see it dirty, even though it takes me at least 3 hours to get it to perfection.

  Kyung Choi     1993 Pearl White coupe  
I have no life now, all I do is find new things to do to my car. I've spend over 5 grand on my Legend. I wash my Legend every week. I love it!

  Lawrence Leonard     1991 Black coupe  
If put one more coat of wax on this car Iam going to have to change it's name from scarface to candle.

  Les Lang     1992 Silver coupe  
I own a 92 coupe that looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. Inside and out she's tight to def I love my Legend and I'll tell you this for any one who owns one. It's the best ride Acura ever made. I'm currently starting my transformation from luxurious to 'Damn honey, what the hell is that coming up on my rear view?' Just give me some time and I'll deliver the finished product.

  Matthew Hale     1991 Champagne sedan  
Janie is perfect! She's .... I gotta go wash her, be back in about 5 hours!

  Michael Cruz     1988 Silver coupe  
Don't get me wrong, I love my family! They come second place right after Legend R.

  Michael Poindexter     1993 White sedan  
If it was after the rain and when the clouds are still on the horizon. I will cut people off when retarded sprinklers wet the road on a beautiful blue Texas day. I scowl at Rednecks with muddy trucks and open beds full of junk that may serious damage or flaw my tedious cleaning project. When I'm on a road trip I know where or can find a car wash during gas stops at a drop of a dime. Just follow the brother in the Cadillac with the Gold Rims. (I'm black also, so don't hate!) pumpin "Juvenille's; Back that thing up" And Finally, I'm jealous if someone elses car (Acuras only) is cleaner than mine! I could go on and on!!!!

  Nhu Vo     1991 Gold coupe  
My Legend is not just another car but a perfect combination of art, power, and beauty! It should be cared for like another family member or a god! Anyone who owns a Legend and doesn't take care of it, I will personally kick your ... !!!

  Noel Turner     1995 Champagne sedan  
I've always wanted a Legend. It's taken me 10 years to save up for one. It's probably the second-most cherished thing in my life (except, Iras, my wife *grin*).

  Phong Nguyen     1993 Gold sedan  
Always have to have the best for my Legend, I just love my Legend!

  Ralf Loserth     1994 Black sedan  
Someone at work asked me the other day if my car was ever not clean? I just looked at her like she had spoken the most unforgivable blasphemy. A dirty Legend, not happening. I have owned a Legend almost two years, and every time I get in, it's like the first time.

  Raymond Hollis     1994 Cashmere sedan  
To own a Legend, is the greatest gift of life.

  Rich McRoberts     1993 Black sedan  
I can't help but looking out in the parking lot at work and notice my Legend, its sleek and sporty design makes it stand out from all the rest. I have come to the point where I almost feel sorry for those who have never experianced her beauty. I spend more time on my car than I do anything else.

  Rob Levy     1995 Red Garnet Pearl coupe  
I put Armor All on those lower moldings. And the clean wheels? Each spoke cleaned by hand. I cover the car even when it's in the garage so it won't get dusty!

  Roy Arriaga     1993 Cashmere sedan  
I clean La Reina everytime I have a chance. I'm constantly cleaning the dust off and making sure the rims are flawless. Not one day passes without me cleaning something even if that means just cleaning the windows. Everyone thinks I'm obsessed with my Legend. You know what ... they're right!!!

  Saein Kim     1994 Pearl Red coupe  
I used to own a 91 Legend L sedan. I wanted more performance, so I traded it in for 95 Stealth R/T. After owning the Stealth for less than a year, I had to come back to the Legend. What was I thinking, trading Legend for Stealth? Once again, I am convinced that Acura Legend is the best driver's car on the road.

  Sam Kazandjian     1992 sedan  
The first time I saw it, I had to have it! It was love at first site!!!

  Scott Travis     1995 Black coupe  
I only wanted one model of the Legend, the Black LS Coupe with Black Interior with the 6-speed. The local dealers couldn't find one anywhere. I waited for 6 weeks, and luckily, one came into the Port of Baltimore, just as I wanted it.

  Tamim Wafa     1994 Canterbury Green sedan  
I am not worthy of my Angry Beast. She is the perfectionist. I am a mere mortal caught in the web of her silky seductive lines and gazes. I try to maintain my composure when I am around her. Of course I fail and fall deeper and deeper in to her mystery. She occupies my first thoughts in the morning and my last thoughts at night. She is the perfectionist. I am her prisoner ... I am grateful! May God forgive me.

  Tom Truong     1993 Canterbury Green coupe  
I made the mistake of meeting Jim Trinh, because now I worship Athena, my own dark master. I never gave Athena a second glance when she got dirty. Now I can notice specks of dirt from afar, and quickly hustle to wipe it from the surface. Out you vile dirt particles! Out! The circle of evil is almost complete.

  Tony Luzi     1989 Metallic Blue coupe  
I spend at least 5 hours one day a week detailing everything on my car for the week. I even take apart pieces to clean under them and everything. If I find fingerprints or other oddities on my paint, I have a towel and water in the trunk to clean them off immediately which I always do.

  Travis Mackenzie     1992 White sedan  
It's the most expensive thing I own!!!

  Ty Murray     1993 Champagne 1993 sedan  
I've waited for 5 years to get my Legend. I had to work my way up from a Prelude, to an Accord and now that I've got one, no one can drive it but me!!

  Tyler Cooley     1993 Black sedan  
I got my first car after my seventeenth birthday which I helped pay for. The first time I drove it I was in heaven. So now I clean it about every 2-3 days no matter what. And also no one drives the Acura but me!

  William 'Wild Bill' Horsman     1990 White coupe  
I go crazy when I see dirt on my Legend. I clean it every other day, giving it a full bath and then proceed to dry her down. I hate water marks. I clean the interior every weekend and clean and treat and condition the leather. The tires are another story...

  Vinnie Pham     1994 Midnight Green coupe  
You know the commercial on TV where there is a lady that owns a Ford Escort and always looks back at her car? She calls herself a 'looker'. That's what I am. But I think being a 'looker' is more justified when you own a Legend ...

  Voltaire Cacal     1992 Cobalt Blue sedan  
Voltaire was unavailable for comment because he was busy detailing his car.

  Young Chun     1987 Green coupe  
18 years old and I already fell in love with the Legend. I can't explain how much I love her. All I know is that I take her out everyday and spend all my money on her to keep her happy.