Jan 1998    Latif Tayour's tragic incident
Jan 1998    Kevin Kone's funny encounter
Jan 1998    Cameron Huang's big race
Jan 1998    Ben Lin's street race

  Latif Tayour     1988 sedan   
I was driving home one night in the cold and icy (didn't know at the time) Vancouver weather. I made my way over the bridge coming out downtown (Grandville Street if you know the area) and took the fork that takes me home. But when I proceeded to turn the steering wheel the car didn't seem to want to go with me, courtesy of a nasty patch of black ice. I slid uncontrollably into the bridge railing with the loudest most tradgic crash I had every heard. My heart sank. My Legend was doomed, I thought. As soon as I got off the bridge I pulled over to check out the damage.

At first glance ... nothing! I was amazed! Was I dreaming? Did I really hit that railing? did I? Oh, I looked down at the front wheel and noticed why I had been so lucky. The right front rim saved the entire car! It had been chewed severely and now was at a positive camber (way positive!). The steering was a little tricky too but overall I considered myself lucky. That is until the quote on the repairs was over a grand due to bent suspension parts.

  Kevin Kone     1994 coupe   
I am cruising down 101 south today by the San Francisco airport when a '93 or so White legend Coupe starts cruising with me in the rain (75 - 80 mph). Well the kid thinks I want to race, so he really starts hammering it. Looked like it was lowered, Remus exhaust, mid-20 year old. Of course I have not had time to put my stickers on yet with the rain so I began to write WWW.LEGEND.ORG on a Post It to flash it to him. Of course he woud not look over.

Well here is were I say screw it! I was suppose to get off on Woodside Rd (Highway 84) but I keep going south. Around Marsh Rd I am in the number 4 lane and he is in number 2. I am honking my stupid Japanese horn and pointing to the side of the road. Can you imagine what this young kid was thinking? He probably was freaking out.

So I finally get him to pull over on 101 in the rain just befor University Ave in Palo Alto. I ask him if he is from the area since he had Minnesota plates. He tells me that he is going to Berkeley for school. I told him about the club and he said he already e-mailed Jim Trinh. Anyway I guess you can say I believe in DIRECT Marketing. I am doing my part to get new members. Is it too forceful? Everytime I see a legend I want to pull people over.

  Cameron Huang     1994 coupe   
Since before I had my driver's license, I have dreamed about owning an Acura Legend (had to be a coupe, though) one of the only cars around with a 6-speed manual. So I bided my time, graduated from high school, did a short stint in college, went out and got a job. Drove a little Honda Civic, and drooled every time a Legend would smoke me on the highway.

August 97: Red 94 Coupe L, 6 speed for sale. I just didn't care; I'd have mortgaged my soul for the thing. Bought it. Been driving it since. Truthfully, unless somehow I get rich and am able to someday afford an NSX, I think I will drive an Acura Legend until the end of time. Really, I don't care if I have to get it imported from Japan (although it's hard to get leather seats over there).

I recently found your website, and The Unofficial Legend Homepage. *sob* In about two months, I sell everything and move. I have to sell the Legend. I'm probably going to be on the road for more than 4 months in a van!!! And in Montana, too, without my legend :(

It's funny, too. I'm about to leave the place that's been my home for my entire life. I probably won't be back. And you know what the worst part about it is? The car. The only thing holding me back is the shiny red monster in the driveway. But before I leave the land of the ultra-cool, I want to relate a story. I think this is probably the only place it would be understood.

Saturday afternoon, I'm driving down I-91, from Hartford, CT to New Haven, where I live. It's about 50 miles between the two. I'm cruising in the fast lane, pushing about 75-80 mph. The sun is just going down. (Note about I-91: it's about the only road in Connecticut that can actually be really considered a highway. Long, smooth, and free of cops is what makes it my favorite place to drive in the state)

Behind me, headlights flash. I pull into the middle lane to let the speed demon go by. He passes. It's a brand new, black BMW M3. I pull into the fast lane and hit the gas. A second or two later, I'm in the middle lane again, alongside him at 110 mph. We both start to accelerate.

At about 130 mph, we pass a silver 540i (6-speed because it's got the 17" wheels). He pulls out in back of me and takes up the chase. The three of us are barreling down the highway. Traffic is light at this point, but thickening as we get closer to New Haven.

140 mph. The M3 is gone, nowhere in sight. The 540 is still with me, although he can't seem to get past.

145 mph. I pass a black M5 (generation before the newest). He sweeps out in back of the 540 and picks it up immediately. Megadeth is blasting on my stereo, the engine is up to a high, beautiful whine (still in 5th gear). The 540 starts to gain, so I hit the clutch and shift to 6th, to give myself more breathing space. I swear to you, the Legend lunged.

150 mph. A slow-mover pulls into the fast lane right on the 540's bumber, forcing the silver super-sedan onto the shoulder(paved, lucky for him). I could hear the screeching of his tires over my stereo at full volume.

153 mph. This is the absolute fastest I've ever travelled on the ground. At this point, the 540 is gone. Somehow, the M5 is still with me, although he's a ways back. Traffic is thickening up, and I don't think there are many people who like to bob and weave at 150 mph. The Legend is handling like it was built moving 150 mph. I can feel the ground effects taking the car lower to the ground; the steering has stiffened to that perfect sweetness. My right foot is fairly nailed to the floor.

155 mph. I'm still accelerating. The last 5mph of acceleration felt like I had doubled my speed. I think I saw cops flying up the northbound side of the highway, but I'm not sure. The M5 is gone; smoked. I'm coming into New Haven now. I hit the brake, the car slows down almost instantly, with some of that shimmy I get during high speed braking (brake warpage, I learned here).

I got out of the car and could not stop shaking for 15 full minutes. I have never been so scared, so exhilarated, so alive as I was during that 7 minutes of highway racing. From the time I saw the M3 till my exit was only 7 minutes - but we went more than 20 miles. At 155 mph, the Legend was STILL ACCELERATING. I'm confident that if I had had more highway, I would have been able to take it to 165 mph.

This is a stock Legend Coupe I have. Driven previously by a nice, easy-going, middle-aged yuppie lady. What the hell?? I'm loath to sell this car. I think, and other people that drive Legends have confirmed it, that this car would probably Dyno at at least 20 hp over spec. I lost only one highway race - to an NOS Mustang 5.0L.

All of this is true, and it does have a moral. Whenever you get into your Legend, think about what you're doing. Don't ever take it for granted.

  Ben Lin     1992 coupe   
Man, on the way back from lunch today, I think I got the most serious street race that I've ever had in my life. I say most serious, because the guy didn't back down even as we hit close to 100 mph on Central Expressway. Of course, one thing stayed the same. Instead of the usual Civic or Integra that you would think would challenge me, it was a '98 Volvo S70 T5, which is the latest iteration of the 850 Turbo. I was thinking I was gonna kick his ass because I just saw the large S70 label on the trunklid, but failed to notice the minute T-5 label next to the taillight. Looks like Volvo is trying to be less conspicuous with the Turbo labeling. Anyway, I start normally, and he jumps on it, so I jump on it. I pulled about a 3/4 of a carlength ahead, but then his turbo spooled up, and damn, immediately, I stopped pulling ahead, and he stayed right with me at about ¾ to ½ carlength behind as we approached 100 mph.

I had to back down because the street to my office was coming up REALLY fast. In any case, those Volvos are quick! It was a rush hearing Type 1½ and RM Racing in full redline song in first, second, and almost third gears. Of course Type 1½ didn't fail me completely, as I did manage to maintain the slight lead I got off the line. Had we been on a track, he probably would have kept with me all the way until we topped out. Strikes against me were that I had my window rolled down & antenna up (big factor at 80+ mph), computer in the trunk and I didn't jump on it or brake torque it from the start. Whew!