You Want Some of This?

Modifications. Who needs them and why? Straight from the factory we should be pretty happy with our Legends. And for the most part we are, but for some (yours truly included), this is not enough. Yes, for some of us we want to be able to have our cake and eat it too (sorry to beat an old cliche to death).

For most of us that modify our Legends, it's to go faster. Others want to corner and handle better. For some it's to change the appearance, and for some, it's merely to stand out out from the crowd and be individuals. Whatever the reason may be, your options are only limited by your imagination. Well, let me rephrase that. Your options are only limited to what is available for the Legend in the aftermarket, and how big your pocket book is (some of these mods aren't cheap you know!). And we'll continue to perform our modifications until Big Brother at the Department of Transportation starts restricting us to what we can and can't do to our own cars.

Most modifications, like lowering springs, you can buy and install or have someone install it for you. But some mods, like customizing clear bumper turn signals, will have to be done on your own. Other mods just require a bit of creativity, like applying cover fiber to interior parts or a custom sound system.

As webmaster, I don't claim to be a master or expert in any of these fields. Most of the modifications you read about are modifications I've either done or read about, and just simply passing on my experiences and opinions. And, whenever possible, also included words of wisdom from other Legend owners who have also gone through the same. Of course you should not have to take our words for it, for some things just need to be experienced for yourself. And whatever you don't see on here, you are welcome to try out for youself and post what you think about it.

So for any opinion submissions about a certain modification, please contact me at And, as always, some modifications may be against the law and for off-road use only, so will have to be done at your own risk. Because as a law abidding citizen I do not condone such actions. *wink wink*