1st Generation Legend Owners Entries 201 - 300

  • Kevin Latham
    From Clearwater, Florida
    Drives Dark Blue 1988 L coupe
    Email edistone@aol.com
    Signed October 28, 1999
    Comments When I first started to get to know the Legend, I needed more information on them. When I found your site through a search engine, I fell in love with the design, the style, and the aerodynamics! You have done a great job and I hope that you keep this site forever!

  • Kevin Nguyen
    From San Jose, California
    Drives White 1990 LS coupe
    Email gohanssj5@hotmail.com
    Signed February 26, 1998

  • Kevin Nurry
    From Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
    Drives White 1990 LS coupe
    Email knurry@optimark-tech.com
    Signed May 12, 1998
    Comments This web site has filled a vast void in my life. While reviewing it, I laughed, I cried ... it became a part of me.

  • Kevin Yamane
    Drives Red 1988 LS coupe
    Email rubens3@hotmail.com
    Signed May 12, 1998

  • Khoi M. Le
    From St. Louis, Missouri
    Drives Green 1989 L coupe
    Email lekm@slu.edu
    Signed November 5, 1998

  • Kiet Tram
    From San Francisco, California
    Drives Blue 1988 L coupe
    Email kvtram@ucdavis.edu
    Signed July 23, 1998

  • Kim Lindberg
    From Stockholm, Sweden
    Drives Metallic Grey 1989 LS sedan
    Email kim@linewise.se
    Signed October 20, 1998
    Comments I just love my Legend!

  • Kip "Kipper" Mobley
    From Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
    Drives White 1990 L sedan
    Email tropictype@aol.com
    Signed October 17, 1999
    Comments I have really enjoyed the site and information I've gotten from it to date. Keep up the good work.

  • Kipling Gallion
    From San Antonio, Texas
    Drives Gun Metal Blue 1990 LS sedan
    Email kgallion@onr.com
    Signed October 23, 1998
    Comments Solid vehicle. Look forward to many miles of enjoyment.

  • Kricket Bard
    From Chino Hills, California
    Drives Red 1988 L coupe
    Email campank@inreach.com
    Signed November 3, 1999

  • Kris F. Campanale
    From Paradise, California
    Drives Red 1988 L coupe
    Email campank@inreach.com
    Signed October 23, 1998

  • Kyle J. Bixby
    From Seattle, Washington
    Drives Charcoal Grey 1988 L coupe
    Email kyle.bixby-next@attws.com
    Signed March 20, 1998
    Comments I love the detailed info on aftermarket products. This is one well put together auto sight. Send you a photo when I'm done (are you really ever done?)

  • Larry Grandy
    From Carlsbad, California
    Drives Charcoal 1990 L sedan
    Email stickhog@jps.net
    Signed August 29, 1998
    Comments We bought our Legend used in June 1994 and have thoroughly enjoyed the car.

  • Latif Tayour
    From Vancouver, British Columbia
    Drives Black 1988 L sedan
    Email jmtgold@sagitta.cybersurf.net
    Signed September 14, 1998

  • Leonard S. Nuccio
    From Kansas City, Missouri
    Drives Maroon 1989 L coupe
    Email lnuccio@cctr.umkc.edu
    Signed October 23, 1998

  • Lewis Nebo
    From Livermore, California
    Drives Dark Blue 1989 coupe
    Email jazlmatazz@aol.com
    Signed February 3, 1998
    Comments This is the best Acura Legend page on the internet!!

  • Luther M. Ward
    From San Antonio, Texas
    Drives Blue 1989 LS coupe
    Email lward@flash.net
    Signed September 27, 1998
    Comments Every time I come back the page just keeps getting better. This is a tribute to all Legend owners out there who's love and dedication for there cars set them apart from the rest of the crowd. There is also more info here than babes at a car show.

  • Madhan Ramaswami
    From Ann Arbor, Michigan
    Drives Blue 1987 L sedan
    Email madan@umich.edu
    Signed March 16, 1998
    Comments How long has this site been around? I just found it!

  • Manuel Mayes
    From Oakland, California
    Drives Candy Apple Red 1988 LS coupe
    Signed September 30, 1998

  • Marcos Paulino
    From Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    Drives Black 1990 LS coupe
    Email m_paulino@hotmail.com
    Signed April 15, 1998

  • Marcus Ewing
    From Lawrence, Kansas
    Drives Gray 1990 LS sedan
    Signed January 8, 1998
    Comments This web site has informed me about a lot of aftermarked parts available for my car. Where I live there are not too many places where I can purchase such products listed in this site. This is the first time I have seen a Legend the same year as mine loaded with aftermarked goodies. You have provided numorous ideas for my car, Thank You. Great Website, keep up the good .... no GREAT work.

  • Marcus Turnini
    From Houston, Texas
    Drives Midnight Blue 1988 LS coupe
    Email mturnini@yahoo.com
    Signed December 21, 1999

  • Margus Männik
    From Tallinn, Estonia
    Drives Chateau Red 1989 Honda coupe
    Email margus@pennu.ee
    Signed September 22, 1998

  • Mark Anderson
    From Phoenix, Arizona
    Drives Silver 1987 L sedan
    Email osubeavs@juno.com
    Signed October 27, 1998

  • Mark Chilli
    From Somerset, Pennsylvania
    Drives Black 1989 L coupe
    Email mchilli@vidtronics.com
    Signed February 17, 1998

  • Mark Hubartt
    From Huntington, Indiana
    Drives Dark Red 1988 L coupe
    Email mhubartt@aol.com
    Signed March 12, 1998

  • Mark Mitamura
    From Hacienda Heights, California
    Drives Pearl White 1990 LS coupe
    Email mmm.007@ix.net.com
    Signed August 22, 1998
    Comments I love your page. All Legend ownwers thank you.

  • Mark Novak
    From Fountain Hills, Arizona
    Drives Red 1988 coupe
    Email markno@prime.net
    Signed March 6, 1998

  • Martin Dessart
    From Columbia, South Carolina
    Drives Forest Green 1990 LS sedan
    Email macenthe@yahoo.com
    Signed December 27, 1999
    Comments I love my Legend. My first car actually. I'm a college student, and from my savings I saved up I got myself a beautiful dark green 4dr LS Sedan. I've love every moment in it! I keep it nice and clean, even got new original floor mates for it.

  • Martin Jiang
    From Brooklyn, New York
    Drives Black 1990 LS sedan
    Email martin@insight.att.com
    Signed December 24, 1998

  • Masatoshi Okuno
    From Van Nuys, California
    Drives Silver 1989 L coupe
    Email musicastle@earthlink.net
    Signed May 11, 1998

  • Matt Lowdermilk
    From Jupiter, Florida
    Drives Champagne 1990 L sedan
    Email mjl1941@aol.com
    Signed August 12, 1998
    Comments I love my "new to me" Legend. I've had it for 2 1/2 months and have devote many hours to it. I use your message board and performance center alot. Thank you!

  • Matthew Brightman
    From South Dartmouth, Massachusetts
    Drives Bahama Gold Metallic 1989 coupe
    Email mattb@ici.net
    Signed October 18, 1998

  • Matthew Peet
    From Austin, Texas
    Drives Blue Grey 1987 L sedan
    Email mmpeet@mail.utexas.edu
    Signed March 21, 1998

  • Micah Marienfeld
    From Allen, Texas
    Drives Dark Red 1988 L coupe
    Email dungbeetle21@usa.net
    Signed August 24, 1998

  • Michael
    From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Drives Grey 1990 L coupe
    Email m_niceguy@hotmail.com
    Signed August 10, 1998
    Comments I would like to see more aftermarket places that sell Legend parts. I have an Audi and there are many aftermarket places for it. Where are the Legend places hiding?

  • Michael Choe
    From Sacramento, California
    Drives Gold 1988 coupe
    Email prince3@bigfoot.com
    Signed March 30, 1998
    Comments This is a great site. My Legend is the best car I've owned so far (I have owned five cars so far). Your old Legend coupe really looks good (and the girl standing front of that car is cute too). I have to admit, I am partial to the old Legend coupes because that is what I have. I think newer Lengends do not look good as the old. I will be upgrading my current car pretty soon. I am debating between the Infiniti Q45 and a newer Acura Legend. They are both such good cars.

  • Michael Cruz
    From Daly City, California
    Drives Silver 1988 L coupe
    Email mcruz88@hotmail.com
    Signed July 30, 1997
    Comments Another excellent web page!!! Great format too ... Legend owners who wish to update their Legend with aftermarket performance parts unite! Let's get together and share the experience. Please e-mail me if you can help me obtain a set of clear corners for my '88 Legend coupe

  • Michael Glasco
    From San Francisco, California
    Drives White 1990 L coupe
    Email persimon@sirius.com
    Signed January 20, 1998

  • Michael Hutchinson
    From League City, Texas
    Drives Champagne 1990 LS coupe
    Email pokrface@texas.net
    Signed December 18, 1999
    Comments This car is a dream. It has 105k on it, runs like it is brand new and still draws a crowd.

  • Michael John Clever
    From Saratoga Springs, New York
    Drives Maroon 1988 L sedan
    Email lclever1@nycap.rr.com
    Signed November 8, 1999

  • Michael Kimura
    From Fountain Valley, California
    Drives Bahama Gold 1987 LS coupe
    Email mnk@mass.es.hac.com
    Signed January 23, 1998

  • Michael Mooneyham
    From Nashville, Tennessee
    Drives Hunter Green 1990 LS sedan
    Email thamill809@aol.com
    Signed September 8, 1998

  • Michael Woelke
    From Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    Drives White 1990 sedan
    Email michaelw@escape.ca
    Signed April 6, 1998

  • Miguel A. Constante
    From Silver Spring, Maryland
    Drives Silver 1988 LS coupe
    Email mconstante@yahoo.com
    Signed August 7, 1998

  • Mike Anderson
    From Carlisle, Pennsylvania
    Drives 1987 sedan
    Email psuvikes@aol.com
    Signed August 14, 1998

  • Mike Capp
    From Kalamazoo, Missouri
    Drives White 1987 sedan
    Email myntric@cris.com
    Signed May 18, 1998

  • Mike Fallis
    From Stockton, California
    Drives Florintine Blue 1988 L coupe
    Email fallis@pacbell.net
    Signed January 11, 1998

  • Mitch Reed
    From Longview, Texas
    Drives Dark Blue 1988 coupe
    Email mitchreed@worldnet.att.net
    Signed August 14, 1998

  • Neil Mckenzie
    From Fort Riley, Kansas
    Drives Red 1988 L coupe
    Email tinkwinice@hotmail.com
    Signed March 6, 1998

  • Nelson Huey
    From San Leandro, California
    Drives Grey 1988 L sedan
    Email nelsons@wellsfargo.com
    Signed September 15, 1998

  • Nick Hoyer
    From Manteca, California
    Drives White 1989 L sedan
    Email romeo1566@aol.com
    Signed January 29, 1998
    Comments Take a look at my car and you'll never want anything less than a Legend.

  • Nitin Anand
    From Maryland
    Drives Bahama Gold Metallic 1990 L sedan
    Email nanand@erols.com
    Signed July 31, 1998

  • Patrick F. Eckert
    From Chicopee, Massachusetts
    Drives Pearl White 1990 L sedan
    Email matrix@javanet.com
    Signed December 27, 1999
    Comments Best car I have ever owned even with 163,000 miles. I am in the process of modifying this Legend.

  • Paul Anderson
    From Pottsville, Pennsylvania
    Drives Dark Blue 1988 sedan
    Email pha105@psu.edu
    Signed December 22, 1999

  • Paul Konhaus
    From Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
    Drives Dark Green 1989 L coupe
    Email pauly212@aol.com
    Signed August 11, 1998

  • Peter Dias
    From Providence, Rode Island
    Drives Blue 1990 coupe
    Email duklypps@webtb.net
    Signed March 5, 1998

  • Peter Dowd
    From Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Drives White 1990 L coupe
    Email peter_dowd@csi.com
    Signed January 7, 1998

  • Peter Lufrano
    From Berkeley, California
    Drives Dark Green 1989 L coupe
    Email autofile@theautophile.com
    Signed October 15, 1998

  • Peter Son Cao
    From Santa Ana, California
    Drives Silver 1986 sedan
    Email swrracer@aol.com
    Signed December 3, 1998

  • Quang
    From Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Drives Charcoal 1988 L sedan
    Email fuzzyhum@hotmail.com
    Signed March 8, 1998

  • Radar Seiha
    From Everett, Washington
    Drives Silver 1988 L sedan
    Email djdkny21@aol.com
    Signed April 27, 1998
    Comments Yo! This page is Phat! I'm loving it and as soon as I get pics of my car, I'll send it and hopefully you will put it up, well keep banging. And thanks for your time. Peace!

  • Rajendra Debah
    From Bronx, New york
    Drives White 1989 L sedan
    Email rajen_d@hotmail.com
    Signed December 1, 1998

  • Ramon Mefford
    From Banks, Oregon
    Drives Pearl White 1987 coupe
    Email ramon.mefford@stu.banks.k12.or.us
    Signed March 9, 1998

  • Randy Sargent
    From Chesapeake, Virginia
    Drives Blue 1987 sedan
    Email rrsarge@nsganw.navy.mil
    Signed March 16, 1998

  • Rashiid Cummins
    From Hampton, Virginia
    Drives Brown 1989 L sedan
    Email r_cummins@hotmail.com
    Signed February 24, 1998

  • Reuben Brown
    From Pasadena, California
    Drives Gold 1988 sedan
    Email reubenpb@yahoo.com
    Signed April 28, 1998

  • Rex Guinto
    From Rancho, California
    Drives Blue 1988 sedan
    Email rguinto1@aol.com
    Signed May 4, 1998

  • Richard Guadagnini
    From North Babylon, New York
    Drives White 1990 L sedan
    Email howler2@juno.com
    Signed November 15, 1998

  • Rick Gatlin
    From Springdale, Arizona
    Drives Gold 1988 L sedan
    Email rgatlin@ibm.net
    Signed April 24, 1998
    Comments I love my Legend. I have always liked Hondas and this is my first Legend. It is a dream to drive. If I feel down I can just take the Legend out for a cruise. Nirvana on wheels. Actually when I found this Web site I was looking for a source for Acura parts? If anyone has any good sites for parts I would appreciate a note. My local dealer is very good but their parts prices are astronomically inflated.

  • Robert Hubbard
    From Fort Worth, Texas
    Drives Turkish Blue 1988 LS sedan
    Signed April 17, 1998
    Comments I like the web page. Looking for ideas on customizations and also looking to purchase a newer model Legend.

  • Robert Josefsson
    From Essunga, Sweden
    Drives White 1989 coupe
    Email robertjosefsson@essunga.mail.telia.com
    Signed October 16, 1998

  • Robert Mancarti
    From Redwood City, California
    Drives Midnight Blue 1988 sedan
    Email mancarti@earthlink.net
    Signed January 27, 1998

  • Roger Boots
    From Fremont, California
    Drives Charcoal Gray 1987 LS coupe
    Email bootsrv@ix.netcom.com
    Signed December 22, 1998
    Comments Just bought the car and love it.

  • Ron McCoy
    From Portland, Oregon
    Drives 1987 sedan
    Email ronmccoy@teleport.com
    Signed March 24, 1998
    Comments Probably somewhat unsual compared to what most people modify. I have converted the "arm rest box" between the front seats into a cooler/heater. I can store cold drinks or a picnic snack. The unit switches from cooling mode to heating mode at the press of a custom backlit button. My design uses solid-state devices called thermocouples to perform the heat transfer. The other project I have just completed is to illuminate the "LEGEND" on the back deck. I used micro flourescents that are typically used to light the screens of laptop computers. I am so impressed by the performance, comfort and handling of all Acura's that I have not felt the desire to modify the suspension, as many enthusiasts seem to focus on lowering kits and other modifications like that. However, I really can appreciate such work if it is done well and in good taste. Love the idea of a webpage. I will check in regulary to see what's going on.

  • Ronald Eppinger
    From White Plains, New york
    Drives Montreal Blue 1990 LS coupe
    Email fivespeed@att.net
    Signed September 8, 1998
    Comments I should have 99k miles soon, and just replaced the clutch at 90k. I'm going to keep this car as long forever!?!

  • Ryan Gorman
    From Fredericksburg, Virginia
    Drives White 1988 LS sedan
    Email rpgmpg2@aol.com
    Signed January 31, 1998

  • Samir Shirodkar
    From Tyler, Texas
    Drives Red 1989 L coupe
    Email samir911@juno.com
    Signed October 29, 1998

  • Scott
    From Louisville, Kentucky
    Drives Blue 1987 L sedan
    Email wxman12@worldnet.att.net
    Signed January 12, 1998
    Comments Greatest car you'll ever own

  • Scott Avers
    From California
    Drives Ebony Charcoal Grey 1988 L coupe
    Email savers1@juno.com
    Signed June 24, 1998
    Comments Greatest car you'll ever own

  • Scott Davis
    From Illinois
    Drives White 1988 sedan
    Email ssdavis1@uiuc.edu
    Signed April 13, 1998

  • Scott Winroth
    From Amherst, Massachussets
    Drives White 1990 LS sedan
    Email swinroth@student.umass.edu
    Signed March 23, 1998

  • Sharmaine Buncombe
    From Port Royal, South Carolina
    Drives Black 1990 LS sedan
    Signed April 21, 1998
    Comments The Acura Legend sedan is a very nice car. It is full of room and I love it!

  • Shawn Nixon
    From Buffalo, New York
    Drives Grey 1990 L sedan
    Email srn@cs.buffalo.edu
    Signed July 24, 1998

  • Stephen Yee
    From San Francisco, California
    Drives Gold 1988 L coupe
    Email judoman1@hotmail.com
    Signed September 4, 1998

  • Steve Cirillo
    From Monroe, Conneticut
    Drives Blue Gray 1990 LS sedan
    Email scirillo@erols.com
    Signed May 1, 1998
    Comments Love the car but couldn't even find a custom exhaust until now. This is going to be a great site and hope there will be more to come.

  • Steve DeRidder
    From Colorado Springs, Colorado
    Drives Charcoal Grey 1987 L sedan
    Email deridder@pcisys.net
    Signed January 28, 1998

  • Steve Maurer
    From Tempe, Arizona
    Drives Dark Grey 1989 L coupe
    Email steve32@ibm.net
    Signed October 16, 1998
    Comments Great site!

  • Steve Meyer
    From Longwood, Florida
    Drives White 1990 L coupe
    Email quag@magicnet.net
    Signed May 13, 1998

  • Steve Odneal
    From Kansas City, Missouri
    Drives 1988 L sedan
    Email stevodneal@aol.com
    Signed May 13, 1998

  • Steve Strange
    From San Jose, California
    Drives Gold 1988 L sedan
    Email strange@netapp.com
    Signed June 28, 1998

  • Thom Chow
    From Chicago, Illinois
    Drives Blue Silver 1990 LS coupe
    Email thom.Chow@attws.com
    Signed August 22, 1998
    Comments 68K miles and smooth as ever! The intake made it louder at idle and acceleration, but that's a good thing! Any feedback on aftermarket cat-back/mufflers is appreciated.

  • Thomas Buckland
    From British Columbia, Canada
    Drives Vogue Silver 1988 sedan
    Email buckland@sfu.ca
    Signed August 11, 1998
    Comments Unfortunately this is the car I USED to own. Maybe in a few months I'll be here again with a 1993 6-speed coupe! (dreaming, dreaming).

  • Thuyet Vo
    From Houston, Texas
    Drives Metallic Grey 1990 L sedan
    Email thuyet@swbell.net
    Signed March 8, 1998

  • Tom Inamura
    From Long Beach, California
    Drives Charcoal Gray 1987 L coupe
    Email tom@usuni.com
    Signed April 30, 1998
    Comments Will purchase another coupe, possibly a Dark Green '92 5-speed. Very looking forward to being an owner of two coupes!

  • Tommy Edwards
    From Oceanside, California
    Drives Persian Red 1989 L sedan
    Email tommy36998@yahoo.com
    Signed August 18, 1998
    Comments My experience has been one of total pleasure. The best car I've ever owned!

  • Tonia T. Sayre
    From Atlanta, Georgia
    Drives White 1988 LS coupe
    Email tonia.sayre@hboc.com
    Signed December 12, 1998
    Comments It's a great car!

  • Tony Lynch
    From Glastonbury, Conneticut
    Drives Dark Blue 1989 L sedan
    Email tlynch4@aol.com
    Signed April 7, 1998
    Comments My ownership experience has been exceptional. At 165K mileage, I think the car is finally broken in. I expect another 165K before I'm done.

  • Toshio Kawai
    From Columbia, Illinois
    Drives Hunter Green 1989 LS sedan
    Signed February 17, 1998

  • Uchiyama S.
    From New York, New York
    Drives White 1990 L sedan
    Email nyjets@i-2000.com
    Signed March 10, 1998