Non-Legend Owner Guests Entries 1 - 66

  • Allen Anthony
    From Fayetteville, Nort Carolina
    Signed February 19, 1998

  • Anjahlyna Nguyen
    From San Jose, California
    Signed November 24, 1998
    Comments Nice page, keep up the good work!

  • Arnold L. Brunson
    From Athens, Georgia
    Signed August 11, 1998
    Comments Very sleekly designed site. I'm interested in buying an Acura Legend Sedan in the near future. Hopefully I'll learn something from your site that will help in my search.

  • Benjamin Trevarthen
    From Cleveland, Ohio
    Signed February 9, 1998

  • Bret
    From Pleasant Hill, California
    Signed August 16, 1998

  • Bryan Whiting
    From Colorado Springs, Colorado
    Signed May 12, 1998
    Comments Just a note to publicly thank Jim for posting the article about tinting tail lights. As nobody makes a blackout kit for the Integra, this is the best (and least expensive) way to do so. The added plus is that since this procedure allows the brake lights to shine through without affecting light transmission, the chances of getting ticketed with tinted lights vs. a blackout kit are nil. Look at all the european cars that have no problems!

  • Carl Robert Masonholder
    From Star, Idaho
    Signed May 5, 1998
    Comments This site is great! I was wondering if they have a site like this anywhere for Preludes?

  • Cliff & Khuyen Tejada
    From Milpitas, California
    Signed May 4, 1998
    Comments Great page! I've always wanted a Legend, too bad they don't make them anymore (had to settle for the Accord), maybe that's why they are such great machines? Since I've seen this page, I have a sudden urge to go out and buy one, maybe I'll trade my husband in for one.

  • Chrystelle Tran
    From San Jose, California
    Signed August 13, 1998

  • Danyelle Smith
    From Detroit, Michigan
    Signed January 30, 1998

  • David Perron
    From Montreal, Canada
    Signed February 15, 1998
    Comments Oh my God! This is Incredible! I thought that my lust for Legends was pure madness! (but now, i know it's O.K.!!) Now I got to finish my B. Ing. and go buy my 2-door Legend LS (with manual transmission)!

  • David Trinh
    From Oakland, California
    Signed April 19, 1998

  • David Tsang
    From Boston, Massachusets
    Signed January 9, 1998

  • Derrick Williams
    From Brooklyn, New York
    Signed January 26, 1998

  • Edgar Pusung
    From Long Island City, New York
    Signed January 18, 1998
    Comments I just love the Acura Legend! I just wished I had the $$$ to spend for one. Insurance costs are really hefty too. Was thinking of getting a used one but I just can't afford it right now. It will probably be my forever dream car!

  • Eric Bertrand
    From La Jolla, California
    Signed May 6, 1998
    Comments Great site!

  • Eric Haugseth
    From Auburn, Alabama
    Signed March 9, 1998
    Comments Just looking for a Legend to buy, and then to customize.

  • Fred Janisch
    From New Market, Maryland
    Email fdjanisch
    Signed January 7, 1998
    Comments Impressive site!

  • Gary Yong
    From Auckland, New Zealand
    Signed May 8, 1998
    Comments This is a site that I'll be visiting regularly now that I have found it. I'm looking at buying a 1991 Legend coupe very soon and I'll give you the detail of my car once I've bought it. It's nice to know that there are people out there who share the same taste and vision as yourself, keep up the good work!!

  • Gilbert Chang
    From San Francisco, California
    Signed November 3, 1998
    Comments Hey Jim, very Cool page! Cool!

  • Glenn Wiggins
    From Tyler, Texas
    Signed February 9, 1998
    Comments Today, an Accord. July 1998, a Legend!

  • Hayden Philbert
    From Lauderhill, Florida
    Signed March 11, 1998
    Comments This is the best fan site I have ever seen! I will hope my Lexus fan site turns out this good later on.

  • Holly
    From Bakersfield, California
    Signed April 5, 1998
    Comments Damn, Now I want a Legend!

  • James Duggins
    From Kirkland, Washington
    Signed May 11, 1998
    Comments Thinking about gettin' one ...

  • James Young
    From Berkeley, California
    Signed January 12, 1998
    Comments Very impressive page.

  • Jan Lepamaa
    From Estonia, Tallinn
    Signed September 8, 1998
    Comments Great site! My next car is maybe Legend!

  • Jason Anderson
    From Spokane, Washington
    Signed April 16, 1998
    Comments Great site! After visiting, I will most likely consider a Legend for my next car.

  • Jason Embry
    From Mobile, Alabama
    Email jason@iar.met
    Signed April 3, 1998

  • Jody Versace
    From Dallas, Texas
    Signed December 9, 1998

  • John Iskarous
    From Downey, California
    Signed August 3, 1998
    Comments I like this page even though I don't have a Legend.

  • Jonathan Gordon
    From Atlanta, Georgia
    Signed December 16, 1998
    Comments Wow! Who's that gorgeous babe on the "What's New" button on the front page? Any chance I could get that goddess' number? But seriously, I think you've done a very clean and professional job here. Keep up the good work!

  • Jose
    From Miami, Florida
    Signed February 27, 1998
    Comments Hoping To Have A Legend as my first car, and soon!

  • Josh Howton
    From Corralitos, California
    Signed April 19, 1998
    Comments I like your site alot! I've seen some other Legend sites, but there is no comparison. Yours is the best! It has everything from mods, gatherings, fix it tips, and tons of information and pictures. Now that I have seen all the info from your page, I now know that I want an 88 Acura Legend 4 door. They are so nice. Your site is awesome, keep up the good work!

  • Josh Oncay
    From Billings, Montana
    Signed February 12, 1998
    Comments I'll never drive anything else!

  • Juan Benitez
    From Blacksburg, Virginia
    Signed February 22, 1998
    Comments I love acura legends and hope to one day own one. I really want a 93+ coupe.

  • Ljubomir Nikolic
    From Kitchener, Onatario, Canada
    Signed November 4, 1999
    Comments Just an avid enthusiast. I saw a car once that appeared to me as some form of Prelude-hybrid but was nothing of the sort. This automobile was an intense red 1989 2 door Legend that smacked of nothing but class. My next automobile will definately be the work or art that the Acura Legend has become. One comment for Prelude owners: get a real car!!!

  • Kathy T.
    From San Jose, California
    Signed April 14, 1998
    Comments This site is pretty hype Jim! I really like it a lot with all the wonderful stories and pictures. Hoping to get a Legend in the near future.

  • Ken Hewlett
    From Maumee, Ohio
    Signed May 20, 1998
    Comments I am thinking about buying a Legend and was interested in exploring this web site. I was very impressed and if I buy a Legend I will be back. Thank you for the information!

  • Kenn Lara
    From Santa Clara, California
    Signed May 11, 1998
    Comments Looking to own one.

  • Kyle Kosmider
    From Baltimore, Maryland
    Signed January 29, 1998
    Comments I'm really impressed with the Legend site! It offers a great way of communication for the members of the Legend Owners worldwide. One may also compare and contrast vehicle modifications, get advice on common problems (not that there are any with Legends).

  • Mike Drob
    From Edison, New Jersey
    Signed October 12, 1999
    Comments I am dying to buy one.

  • Nai Saechao
    From San Luis Obispo, California
    Signed August 19, 1998
    Comments I am planning to buy a '91 Legend LS 2-door. I just love this car, but I know my limits. I have the most respect for Legend owners, they really know what kind of car is the best out there.

  • Nelson Gomes
    From Angola, Africa
    Signed February 2, 1998

  • Niko Vaisanen
    From Kajaani, Finland
    Signed April 2, 1998
    Comments If I had enough money, I would like to buy Honda Legend right away (I mean now!!). It is so beautifull and stylish and ... I cant even tell how much I love that car!! Well, now I have to drive a Accord but it is very good car too. I promise you that if I get rich I will buy Legend or Prelude in that second. Anyway, one thing is sure. Honda is always deep in my heart. Greatings from Finland by Niko.

  • Paul
    From Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Signed August 12, 1998
    Comments Hi, I love the Acura!

  • Randy Efron
    From , NJ/US
    Signed October 17, 19984:28
    Comments This web site is amazing and I hope that you keep on making it better! Please send me any newsletters of info on Legends and anything relating to them. Thanks a lot.

  • Redd Escobar
    From Jamaica, New York
    Signed August 9, 1998
    Comments Love live the Legend! The true, ultimate driving machine! Hey Acura, I'm waiting! Bring the Legend back! And not the same nonsensical copy!

  • Richard Bonham
    From Tallahassee, Florida
    Signed May 1, 1998

  • Richard Gerrior
    From Saint John, Canada
    Signed December 6, 1998

  • Richard B. Reiling
    From Kettering, Ohio
    Signed December 16, 1998
    Comments We now have the R.L (the "replacement Legend") but have owned 4 Legends before beginning with the first year. I believe about 1986. That model even had the repair manual in the trunk at time of purchase. My wife loves her Legends and now RL. Even though I drive a Mercedes and have had a similar series of 300's. Love to drive the RL and even met the Ohio "Smokey's" and couldn't believe how fast he said I was going . Smooth ride!!!!

  • Rodger Moon
    From Perth, Scotland
    Signed August 22, 1998
    Comments Considering buying a Legend and am surfing for information.

  • Ruentien Lu
    From San Jose, California
    Signed January 4, 1998
    Comments I always liked Legends a lot, unfortunately, when I am financially sound to own a Legend, Acura dropped the model. Now I'm tring to get a used one.

  • Shawn Lin
    From Springfield, Missouri
    Signed April 10, 1998
    Comments I can't remember how I found this site, but it is incredibly professional in appearance and very visually appealing. I don't have any ownership experience with the Acura Legend, I've only seen them on the road and at dealerships, thought they were very nice, but never really thought about getting one. Then I saw Jim Trinh's Legend, Vivian. That is one beautiful car, I just love how it looks. I remembered the URL and occasionally drop in for ideas on how I can beautify my own car, which might prove to be a real challenge because Oldsmobiles are usually considered old folks cars! Maybe I ought to trade it in on a Legend, eh? Heh!

  • Sheldon 'Epic' Rogers
    From Buffalo, New York
    Signed March 31, 1998
    Comments Beautiful site!

  • Stephanie Hays
    From Oregon
    Signed April 21, 1998

  • Steve Wong
    From Los Angeles, California
    Signed February 12, 1998
    Comments I'm looking to buy a later model Legend.

  • Steven "Tuan" H. Chiem
    From San Jose, California
    Signed April 13, 1998
    Comments This is a kewl site Jim!

  • Takumi Kato
    From Rosemead, California
    Signed May 31, 1998
    Comments I like this site very much and I visit it as often as I can. I love the Legend but I do not own one. I plan to purchase one in the future and fix it up to it's limititations.

  • Tamgiao Nguyen
    From Cockeysville, Maryland
    Signed November 23, 1998
    Comments One hell of a fine site. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Theo Brown
    From Miami, Florida
    Signed July 25, 1998
    Comments Love the site! Beeen coming here for about a month and I still love it! (I don't really own a Legend just yet, but I will soon)

  • Todd Winners
    From Herndon, Virginia
    Signed January 19, 1998
    Comments Over here in Northern Virginia with this dual over-head cam, 300 hp, all wheel drive, all wheel steering, suspension controlled, turbo, eating-Legends-for-breakfast, Mitsu-3000. (kidding about the 'breakfast' thing) Nice site!

  • Tom Kliem
    From Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
    Signed October 23, 1998

  • Vicki Chamberlin
    From Portland, Oregon
    Signed August 19, 1998
    Comments My boyfriend is looking for a used Legend and I thought I'd peruse your site to increase my knowledge of the car. Thanks. Site looks great!

  • Victor L. Brown
    From Decatur, Georgia
    Signed October 18, 1998
    Comments When I'm ready to by a Legend, will be a nice car! Hey how bout it?

  • Vivian
    From Madison, Wisconson
    Signed March 2, 1998

  • Wendy Ragan
    From Half Moon Bay, California
    Signed February 13, 1998
    Comments Maybe a Legend in the future. Unfortunately, I have yet to see a convertible Legend.