Being Unique
Project Vivian was started, more or less, on the basis to differentiate my car from other Legends on the street. It's always been my nature to seek out uniqueness, and not become a mainstream lemming like a stoned out MTV generation deadbeat following the masses. A lot of people look at me and tell me how shallow and materialistic I am for having such a fancy car. I tell them to go stick a baseball bat up their .... wait .... that's what I'm thinking! Actually, I tell them I'm not trying to show off or be stuck up, but rather it's an end result of my car enthusiast hobby and also my quest to be unique.

Head Turner
Though I must admit, after all my modifications, Vivian gets a lot (and I mean a lot!) of stares and glances from everyone of all different ages and cultures. A drive down the street results in turning heads and second glances. This is a reason why I like the Legend so much. It's good looking enough in stock form, but upgrade a little bit and it transforms to a classy, elegant vehicle with a ability to appeal to all types of people. It's fun to see old guys driving around in their boring stock Legends, staring at my car and thinking to themselves, "I could actually do that with a Legend?!" I don't mean to purposely draw attention to myself, but it does feel great. A lot of people stop to compliment me or to ask questions about my modifications, so it's a great ice-breaker.

I'm starting to notice a lot more fixed up local Legends out there, and it makes me feel proud to know I had something to do with it because I'm sure Vivian has sparked a lot of enthusiasm for owners to customize their own cars. I guess you could say the trend of fixing up Legends is catching on. But I won't go as far as some hardcore enthusiasts who stick decals or other ridiculous looking accessories to their Legends. For when your Legend looks like some compact racer, that's when a Legend loses its appeal of elegance and its distinction as a luxury car. It's something I accept, just not something I would do.

The Slow Aftermarket
It's quite unfortunate aftermarket companies don't yet consider the Acura Legend mainstream enough to manufacture upgrades for. But with the Legend becoming more affordable to younger generations each year, it's opening up a new market segment for the aftermarket. These companies are also realizing this, and I'm starting to see some new upgrade accessories and products for Legends every month. It's slow, but it's getting there! So if you're a hard-core performance enthusiast planning on fixing up your next car to the core, just remember there are few, if any performance products for the Legend unlike the Civics and Integras. I'm just glad there are enough products to set you apart from the others. In the meantime, if you would like more information about Legend performance, check out