Welcome to Legend Xtreme

    "You've already made a statement with a Legend. Now make your own personal statement."

They say people strive for perfection because they're never happy with what they have. Sure, you've just purchased one of the finest automobiles ever made. Now what? To paraphrase one of Shania Twain's songs, "Okay, so you've got a stock Legend. That don't impress me much."

It's time to take the next step forward and customize your Legend to express your own style. Legend Xtreme was created to be an area dedicated to owners who have gone beyond stock, to the realm of utter individualism. These owners have modified their Legends with upgrades like audio, wheels, exhaust, suspension, etc. to rise above their fellow brothers and sisters in the Legend community and be unique in their own way.

There are hundreds of Xtremist out there, and unfortunately this site cannot reflect them all. So please enjoy the small number of Xtreme owners who have submited their Legends.

Xtreme Legends, each different from the next, will be rated according to their level of modifications: moderate, xtreme, and very xtreme. Modifications do not necessary pertain entirely to performance, but rather encompasses every aspect of change that distinguishes the owner from everyone else. In case you're mildly interested in what webmaster Jim Trinh himself drives, you can take a peek at his Legend in Vivian's Corner.

Interested in joining Legend Xtreme? Please fill out the submission form. Already a member but have a change request? Have a comment or complaint? Please contact Jim Trinh (jim.trinh@legend.org).